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sparkling details...everydaylovely.comWith probably about a bazillion different tips and tricks on the internet for getting a cookie sheet/baking pan clean, I decided that I was going to once and for all figure out what worked and didn’t work.  I’m not sure why these type of projects really get me excited but they do!!  I’ll be the first to admit that I might be a little obsessed with cleaning.  Call me nuts but I find it therapeutic!  
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Healthy Blueberry Spinach SmoothieHi there friendlies!  Sorry about no post yesterday, but I spent my weekend running around like a psycho…and when I run around like a psycho….I THINK about the things that interest me (interior design, organization, ways to simplify my life)… know all the important things in life!

Well this “thinking” leads to a lot of random ideas….which leads to more random ideas……and my brain literally doesn’t turn off (as in I keep a notebook next to my nightstand so I can write ideas down in the middle of the night….call me crazy!!)….anyway all this complex thinking gets me distracted, which make’s it hard for me to “use my words” (I did warn you about this here!)…..Note to self…..keep it simple stupid!
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HarveyHere’s a look at a recent play date Harvey and Tippie had with their pal Charlie!!  As I mentioned before, Harvey and Tippie were both adopted from HART Animal Rescue, and we feel so lucky to be their parents!  They haven’t always had the easiest life, but they are thriving now and it’s been amazing seeing them grow to this better place.  One day I might find the courage to share their story, but thinking about it makes me so sad (people can seriously be so cruel), so I prefer to focus on their life with us now.  I’m so thankful for organizations like HART and the wonderful people in these organization that work tirelessly so that animals like Harvey and Tippie can have the life they deserve!  Kay, back to happier topics!  Play dates clearly aren’t just for humans, I mean look at those cute little puppy faces.  I swear I see a smile on each and everyone!!
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It’s a picnic……

Picnic final          Water Bottle // Acrylic Stemless Wine Glass // 4 Piece Cheese Plate                                   Picnic Basket // Picnic Blanket // Melamine Plate // Food Tent                                                Bottle Opener // Stainless Steel Ice Pack // Food Kozy

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been having this really big urge to have a picnic….WHY?  Honestly……No clue, especially since I’ve technically never had a picnic…  I’m weird, this I know, but I really think want to be a picnic person!  There’s something about having a picnic that seems so relaxing…Amiright?  If i’m being completely honest, it’s possible likely really that all the item’s I’ve been coveting above have created this sudden urge to have a picnic.  The truth is I LOVE all things food/entertaining/kitchen items.  The husby can attest to all the random bowls, dish towels, and general kitchen stuff that I come home with.  It goes a little something like “look what I got, is this not so cute, don’t you just love it…and clearly we had to have it?”  ….luckily the husby plays along and enthusiastically always says “I love it” even though I’m pretty sure he really doesn’t care!  Regardless, I’m really stuck on this picnic thing…more like obsessed…I have a problem…CLEARLY!  I’ll let you know if I ever have this so called picnic, but in the mean time I hope you find a little inspiration from the items above to have a picnic of your own.  Please share the deet’s.



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Mishmash Hair Mask….

Hair Mask.... everydaylovely.comSummer can do a real number on your hair, between the hot sun, chlorine in the pool, coupled with your color treated “gray matters“, and general wear and tear from those beachwaves I know you are now sporting, our tresses could use a little extra TLC.  Sorry to break it to you sista but summer isn’t exactly doing your hair any favors.  But before you go running out to buy a fancy smancy hair product that may or may not work, treat yo’self to my homemade diy hair mask instead!
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