Happy Friday!  Any weekend projects planned?  No me neither, but I wanted to share how I spent a part of last weekend with you.  Maybe even inspire you…wink wink!  Like many of you, I live in a condo with limited closet space. This wouldn’t be such a problem except 1) I am completely obsessed with household organization and 2) I have a shoe buying obsession that’s gotten a little A LOT out of control. As you can imagine my “I have to have them” mentality was really starting to clash with my “everything has to have a place” mentality.  Queue the closet panic attack.


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Most organization experts suggest that for each new item you bring into your closet, you get rid of one old item. Blah Blah Blah…..This might work for some people, but lets be serious, if you’re like me and subscribe to the “I might wear those someday” or “aaww they really are cute I should keep them” thinking then it’s pretty unlikely that this “one in/one out” process is ever going to happen.

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