HarveyHere’s a look at a recent play date Harvey and Tippie had with their pal Charlie!!  As I mentioned before, Harvey and Tippie were both adopted from HART Animal Rescue, and we feel so lucky to be their parents!  They haven’t always had the easiest life, but they are thriving now and it’s been amazing seeing them grow to this better place.  One day I might find the courage to share their story, but thinking about it makes me so sad (people can seriously be so cruel), so I prefer to focus on their life with us now.  I’m so thankful for organizations like HART and the wonderful people in these organization that work tirelessly so that animals like Harvey and Tippie can have the life they deserve!  Kay, back to happier topics!  Play dates clearly aren’t just for humans, I mean look at those cute little puppy faces.  I swear I see a smile on each and everyone!!
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